X-PAD 365

Features of X-PAD 365

X-PAD 365 offers a complete set of features that keep you and your projects at the centre and connect all in one workspace.

File manager
X-PAD 365 provides a File Manager giving you one place to store, share and edit your data. The File Manager is a bridge between office and field. Connect your company’s X-PAD users, giving them access to the data they need anywhere, anytime, from any device.
X-CHAT is an integrated group chat within X-PAD 365, X-PAD Ultimate and X-PAD Office Fusion. Share your survey and stakeout status, make quick and reliable decisions together, and support each other as a team.
Collaborative survey & stakeout
The Collaborative Survey and Stakeout feature of X-PAD 365 allows you to work on the same surveying project, in real-time, to complete assigned tasks together.
Backup & Restore
X-PAD 365 is your safety net providing automatic and manual backups for your X-PAD Ultimate data and settings. In case your device gets stolen or damaged, your backup is always safe in the file manager and can be restored easily.
Assets manager
X-PAD 365 serves as an asset management tool where you can register all your equipment. Receive automatic notifications for your products, making sure you stay up-to-date on all the latest software releases, firmware updates and expiration dates.
Virtual Training Academy
X-PAD 365 gives you access to training materials, webinars and support documentation all in one place. Through our training materials, we provide you with the know-how you need.